Statins and Muscle Pain

Statins and muscle pain unfortunately go hand in hand. Another reason why you should lower cholesterol without statins. Statin side effects involve abnormal changes to the way your cells make energy. This is called mitochondrial dysfunction. It leads to a muscle wasting disease called Rhabdomylosis which can be fatal in some cases.

It can also lead to Alzheimer's disease, stroke, cancer, statin memory loss, and a number of other serious medical problems. Do I have your attention now? Want to know why you should lower cholesterol naturally?

Lets look at what statins*actually do and then the connection between statins and muscle pain will become more clear.

Statins coq10
Statins deplete a vital nutrient that your cells need to make energy properly called coq10. When the mitochondria in your cells (the energy producing part) do not get enough coq10, they can't carry out the chemical reactions needed to make ATP, which is the primary fuel your body runs on.

The muscle pain comes from the inability of the muscles to make energy due to depleted coq10 and other vital nutrients that are diminished by the use of statins. Beyond the statins coq10 problem, there are other nutrients that statins deplete in your body:

    Carnitine - a B-vitamin
    Selenium - a mineral

Statins and muscle pain - only part of the problem
There are other problems that statin drugs cause that range from discomfort up to life threatening.

Among these statin side effects are:

    Kidney failure
    Statin memory loss
    Erectile dysfunction
    Nerve damage
    Liver damage
    Congestive heart failure

How can a drug that is supposed to protect people from heart attacks cause so many other problems? The answer is*that statin drugs interfere with the body's production of cholesterol. The body makes cholesterol for a reason. It is a vital component of critical chemical bio-synthesis in the body and brain. This is why you should lower cholesterol naturally, and not with drugs.

Statins are prescribed to lower cholesterol, in the mistaken belief that simply lowering cholesterol provides a significant health benefit to your body. It does not work that way. Heart disease is caused by inflammation in your arteries, and focusing on cholesterol alone does not work.

It ignores other important factors that contribute to heart disease, and does not address them, while promoting dangerous drugs that prevent your body from making energy properly.

The relationship between statins and muscle pain should tell you there is something seriously wrong with these medications, if they cause pain and cramping in your muscles and prevent your body from functioning normally. Statin side effects posed much too serious a risk to your health. Lower cholesterol without statins. You will be much better off!

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