Uses of Doppler Machines

Doppler machines are a painless and comfortable diagnostic procedure that is performed by sonographers and doctors to how images of movement of blood or other fluids inside the body. These machines are particularly helpful in diagnosing blood clotting, restricted flow, reverse flow, and the deep vein thrombosis. The Doppler machine is placed on the body part being examined and uses high frequency sound waves to transmit sound pulses into the body by use of probe. The sound pulses are reflected back by any kind of object or obstruction and an image is obtained. The procedure can last up to an hour.

These devises are very helpful in a number of diagnostics, such as the abnormalities in the blood vessels, Abnormalities of heart valves, diastolic heart failure, valve stenosis, peripheral arterial diseases, detecting the abnormalities in the fetus.

There are various kinds of these wonderful machines depending upon the area to be examined.
The Transcranial ultrasound is used for scanning the brain and measuring the speed of blood flow through the vessels. It is useful in diagnosing the hemorrhages and embolisms. Doppler ultrasound uses sound waves to see how blood flows through a blood vessel. It helps in diagnosing how blood flows through major arteries of hands, legs, arms. It can also detect blocked or reduced blood flow through narrowing in the major arteries of the neck that would cause a stroke. It can also detect blood clots in the leg veins. During pregnancy, Doppler ultrasound is used to check blood flow in the fetus.

The carotid Doppler machine measures the blood flow velocity within the cervical carotid arteries, as well as vertebral arteries.These machines are also used by obstetricians to monitor the development of the fetus inside the mother. Since they have high frequency probes for purpose of imaging arteries and veins, and are equipped with color Doppler, they offer a great detailed report. Nowadays fetal Doppler machines are also available in the markets. The fetal version of the machine are safer than the ultrasound machines because the waves generated by them are weaker than those given by an ultrasound machine. Fetal Doppler machines monitor the heartbeat of the fetus, and safer to be used in homes.

The use of Doppler machines is a boon to the medical science. Almost all hospitals have Doppler machines and ultrasound machines working on the same principle, which help in detecting the abnormalities inside the body.

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