The Growing Popularity of Internal Medicine Jobs

The path to becoming a licensed doctor in the Unites States takes at least 8 years to finish. After this time individuals undergo specialty training to focus on certain areas such as pediatrics, internal medicine, or surgery. Internal medicine deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease in adults. Throughout the years, it has gained popularity and more students of medicine are aiming to eventually be qualified for internal medicine jobs.

Scope of Internal Medicine

A doctor with this degree is called a general internist. He may be a general practitioner or he can opt to develop his expertise further by sub-specializing in specific diseases that affect certain organs of the body. Some of these are in the fields of cardiology (heart), nephrology (kidney), hematology (blood), and infectious diseases. Aside from becoming practicing physicians, internal medicine jobs can also include involvement in areas of research and academia.

Job Description

The job of an internist covers the following: diagnosis of disease through proper physical examinations and laboratory tests, treatment of the diseases and injuries, prevention of disease through regular preventative care, and maintenance of care to the road of recovery.

Since internal medicine jobs also include a role in teaching, you can see a number of doctors who hold a class or two in universities. This is especially true of those who are practicing in a university hospital. Their expertise will help hone the skills of a new generation of doctors.

There are also a growing number of internal medicine specialists focusing in the field of research. As new diseases are discovered, the drive to invent a cure for these is also rising with adequate sponsorship from the public and private sectors. You have seen new breeds of viruses that have created havoc in communities and caused deaths, and researches are pressured to come up with a cure in the least amount of time possible. This makes their role very vital, both in the discovery of new cures and prevention of an epidemic.

High Paying Job

Internal medicine jobs are sought after because of their high demand and the good salary that comes with the profession. As seen throughout the history of the United States, people from the previous decades had a different perspective and situations from today. It was either they were really healthy and did not need the care, or they had a skeptical attitude towards medicine and illnesses and thus stayed away from doctors. Today, more and more people are becoming conscious of their health and go to great measures to prevent acquiring any diseases. At the same time, a large part of the population is suffering from illnesses brought about by current lifestyles, vices, pollution, and eating habits. Both of these have caused the high demand for the care of general internists, which subsequently increased their pay. Comparing the median compensation of internists in 1999 and 2012, the figure rose from $145,397 to $188,343. Those that have a subspecialty are getting more than this.