The Diversity of Tinnitus Treatment Programs

Unfortunately there is no comprehensive strategy to look at the merits and demerits of tinnitus treatment. Most of the evidence is anecdotal and localized. This article provides a quiet look at the possible solutions.

The problem of statistical reliability remains prevalent when assessing the effectiveness of tinnitus treatment programs. The objective variety of the condition can be treated using Gamma knife radio-surgery or glomus jugulare. Alternatively you may use cochlea shielding techniques that are achieved through a Teflon implant. A palatal tremor can be triggered using a Botulinum toxin injection. By contrast some patients have found relief from clearing the ear canal. An earwax plug is particularly effective in these circumstances. Studies of a neurostimulator have also been effective.

Finding a solution to subjective tinnitus

When it comes to the subjective variety patients are given a combination of drugs and nutrients. A Lidocaine injection was suggested after a Swedish study. Its suppressive qualities lasted for the best part of 20 minutes. If the patient is unable to undertake repeated medication then it is possible to administer some older benzodiazepines such as diazepam. One of the issues with this tinnitus treatment is related to the long-term risks of side effects.

Small doses of Tricyclics such as nortriptyline and Amitriptyline have been found to be effective. Patients are advised to reduce their intake of nicotine and caffeine. Moreover the symptoms tend to go down when the salt intake is regulated. Nevertheless it must be noted that the condition can arise after smoking cessation. The consumption of alcohol increased the severity and frequency of the condition. Where a serum zinc deficiency has been established, supplementation can help to arrest tinnitus.

Experiments have been undertaken to confirm the efficacy of Acamprosate programs. Otosclerosis can be controlled through the use of sodium fluoride Etidronate. Patients who are responsive to white noise masking may benefit from anticonvulsants such as Lignocaine. The use of Carbamazepine and Melatonin has been associated with peaceful sleep. A series of vitamin combinations such as lipoflavonoid can work very well with Sertraline in order to improve the quality of life that the patient leads.

The merits of electrical simulation

Some of the medical studies have recommended the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation using direct current. Alternatively patients may benefit from transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The auditory cortex responds to electrodes. These techniques were used by Berthold Langguth in his patients. Consequently there was a significant reduction in the tinnitus symptoms.

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