Narcolepsy Treatments - Discover The Best Treatment For Narcolepsy

Until now effective narcolepsy treatments have been few and far between. Now there is a new treatment for narcolepsy which is proving very successful.

As you may or may not know, up until now there have not been many very successful treatments for narcolepsy. The only narcolepsy treatment that has proven relatively successful are medicated doses of dexamphetamine.

Narcolepsy Treatments With Dexamphetamine

Until a few years ago the preferred and practically the only treatment for narcolepsy has been with daily doses of dexamphetamine. Dexamphetamine is a stimulant that forces the body to be awake by exciting dopamine receptors.

The problem with this treatment is that dexamphetamine is:

1) Highly addictive

2) Creates euphoria and a 'high'

3) Builds tolerance quickly.

As such, narcoleptic users find themselves nedding higher and higher doses to receive the same stimulating effects and keep themselves awake.

Narcolepsy Treatments Turned Ugly - Be Warned

Another terrible side effect of this narcoleptic treatment is that because the brain's reward system is hooked up with dopamine, and narcoleptics hammer this everyday with dexamphetamine, they find themselves unable to genuinely enjoy life or receive real positive feelings of accomplishment...


Because dexamphetamine actually overexcites and kills the neurons the condition lasts forever. This is compounded by the fact that daily, long term use of dexamphetamine is required as the treatment for narcoleptics.

The Narcoleptic Ultimatum

For this reason, until now, narcoleptics have had a pretty grim ultimatum:

- Either you spend your whole life being tired and falling asleep at every turn, or

- You stay awake and enjoy your life for a while, but then have your brain burnt out and never be able to enjoy anything ever again!

And this is a truly difficult decision to make.

Brand New Narcoleptic Treatments Discovered

Now there is a new narcoleptic treatment gaining momentum in the medical field. A new drug called modafinil was discovered a few years ago and it is now on the market as a treatment for narcolepsy.

The drug works in a different way to dexamphetamine. Instead of 'exciting the stimulating parts of the brain' instead it simple 'turns off the sleepy part of the brain'. That's about the simplest way to explain it without going into details.

Modafinil As A Treatment For Narcolepsy

Currently modafinil is the superior narcolepsy treatment for many reasons:

- it's non-addictive

- it doesn't create euphoria or a 'high'

- it has a long half life of 12-15 hours (this means you just have to take one dose in the morning)

- it doesn't 'burn the brain out' and users can discontinue and feel normal immediately

- it's cheap because lower doses are needed less often

- there is no opportunity for abuse potential (unlike dexamphetamine which has a massive abuse potential)

So as you can see, it's light-years ahead of any other narcoleptic treatment.

Narcolepsy Treatments - The Best Of The Best

Modafinil is the best of the best when it comes to narcolepsy treatments.

Modafinil is sold under different brand names depending on what country you live in. It is known as Provigil in the USA, and UK, as Alertec in Canada and Modavigil in Australia. There are many more names of it in different countries, too many to list here.

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